eLevate // teen ministry

   Elevate exists for ONE purpose...to help your relationship with GOD get to the next level.  If you're tired of being in a rut, which is a grave without both ends, frustrated with the way things have been, ready to take on life with your head up, then you need to get to elevate.  

   We meet in our own room on Wednesday nights @ 7pm with an awesome service, totally designed for students grades 6th - 12th.  Come a little early to hang out in our game room or get your EAT on at the Higher Grounds Cafe'.   There'll be funny videos, & games & then an illustrated message by Pastor Cole.

   Elevate is also busy with various activities throughout the year such as paintball, laser tag,  sixflags, lock-ins, concerts, summerscream youth camp, UPRISING fall youth retreat and so on.. Come and be ELEVATED!