church services

   On Sunday mornings @ 10am, believers come together to worship God & celebrate His goodness. In these power packed services, the Word of God is ministered under the annointing of the Holy Spirit & the Lord confirms His word with signs following. In the presence of God, lives are continually changed. Wednesday evenings @ 7pm is a time of teaching for adults in the main auditorium. For the kids, teaching with fun & activities take place in our nursery, pre-k, & elementary classes. Our teens, 7th-12th grade, meet in their own room with a laid back atmosphere where illustraded messages help to bring the truths of God's word to light. Wednesday nights meet the needs of the whole family!



   Our desire is to glorify God - Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit - in one body & in one Spirit as we lead others to Him & into His divine presence through praise, thanksgiving & worship. As we worship God in spirit & truth, His manifested glory is ushered in with His presence & we experience & witness mighty signs, wonders, & miracles. We make room for the Holy Spirit to move freely, & the needs of the people are met in every way: spiritually, physically & emotionally. The beauty of God's presence, His anointing, His power & His glory are displayed as we passionately pursue & diligently seek the Lord God Almighty.

higher grounds cafe'

   What started out as a fundraiser for our youth ministry, higher grounds cafe' has evolved into it's own area. On Sunday mornings before service, you can enjoy a free doughnut & cup of coffee . We also offer bagels, that are for purchase & are provided by the St. Louis Bread Company. On Wednesday evenings, there are a variety of snacks available from candy bars to nachos.  Various kinds of soda to frappucino or bottle water.  Our cafe' is open before every service. 

Sunday morning 9:15-9:45

Wednesday evening 6:15-6:45

Take time to fellowship while enjoying a drink or snack.